S. Y ‘Freedom’ inspired by Vera Kalin

We gave her a chance, and she made us fly! 

Vera Kalin is powerful. Her writing is exceptional. Oh, and did we mention that she is the most popular author for 2016?
Her desire to find herself was the key for the Freedom’s. Together with the wish to free herself through what she does, gave us perfect combo of her vision and creative perception to work with. We ‘feathered’ the birds. And a perfect Kalin happened.

Get your own ‘Freedom’ sneakers NOW ! 

Product Description

The Y Generation are a number of people that, in our own belief, bring changes to the society. Their influence is imminent, and they are exceptional in what they do. So, we decided to take some inspiration from their work. The Y designs are the best visual representation of who they are, as professionals and young people in the modern world.

The S.neakers are our pride. Made from quality Italian soil, hand-stiched and topped with canvas or leather, they are perfect for both warmer or colder environment. As a product branded with an S., we guarantee for their durability.

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