Wanna become our Agent?

The AgentS. programme is now open for everyone!

AgentS.' programme is Swithadot Studios direct link to the communities. Strong, creative, connected and goal-oriented, our AgentS. create opportunities for themselves on a daily basis while earning great commissions as much as they want, whenever they want to.

Every Agent is exploring opportunities in his own operating region (town/city or country). Their main obligation is to seek clients, opportunities and ultimately, close up potential purchases, while communicating closely with The S. Team through the production process. Basically - an Agent is as strong as his networking skills and social circle potential.

The perks of being an Agent? 

  • No fee entrance: You only need good will and enthusiasm to start working.
  • Earn as much as you work: We offer a generous commission per pair which can be re-negotiated upon Agent's results. No working hours nor day-to-day mandatory obligations. It's all up to your grit for succeeding and generating income.
  • Promotion opportunity: Think you can be successful in a market different from your native one? We love conquerors and we will not cut your wings.

How does an Agent work looks like? The AgentS. are the middlemen between SWithADot Studios designers and the client.
  • Day-to-Day communication bridge between client and the project's assigned designer;
  • Sharing different price options custom-tailored according to client's ideas and giving feedback to an assigned designer;
  • Closing the deal out (partial or full prepayment is required in order an assigned designer to engage the sketching process);
  • Providing the assigned designer shipping info if a client requires shoes pick up.
  • Customer care through the process of production;
  • Making sure that the whole process of ordering goes smooth and professional. 

How much does AgentS. earn?The commission per pair is set on 15% from the Design Only Fee, which is well over the industry standard of 8%.****Design price does not include cost of shoes and shipping costs.**The Agent does NOT have autonomy in creating the prices, but is demanded to share the price formed by an assigned designer, with the end customer.***The more complex design - the higher design fee - the higher the commission. We want an Agent to earn as much as possible in order to be motivated to push harder and harder.

Targets and Upgrades
The first month is target-less, so an Agent can feel things up. Minimum orders per month and reward targets are set in mutual agreement from second month on and reevaluated every 6 months.

We evaluate the AgentS. Programme applications once a week. We will reply only to the ones we consider as people who can help levitate our work even higher. Since you are here, we encourage you to contact us for any additional information you may need. We are at your disposal. Beside the general required information, please tell us a bit more about you, the region you want to operate and, why you are the ideal human for that job, by attaching a small text file bellow.