Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

The S. branded footwear are declared as a hand-made product lines. It means that the whole process of constructing the shoe is done by people rather than machines. However, when constructing a shoe, there are few phases in the process that need industrial processing. Every other phase in the construction is provided by hand.

‘Customized’ stands for a product that is reproduced in a very limited number, or is a one of a kind piece. In our case, we provide small number of hand-crafted products, so by definition, every shoe is different.

Our Serial designs are the ones that can be reproduced in as much as than 20 pairs per design.

However, as hand-customizers, we cannot make the same brush moves twice, so every sneaker is unique in its own way.

The ‘OneOfAKindS.’ tag stands for designs that are done only once, and would never be reproduced again in the same form as the original. However, feel free to use the OneOfAKindS. as inspiration – you can get a custom design on the same theme, or following the same idea.

Yes, we do!

Most of our Serial designs are based on our handmade S.neakers (leather and canvas) and S.boots. They are both completely made by hand from top-notch professionals, from Italian soles and high quality materials.

They are made in white color, then additionally customized by your own design wishes.

The price you will receive clearly states wether it includes the shoes (‘Total’ price) or its’ price concerning only the design (‘Design Only’). In any case, we will make sure you got it right what the price includes.

The prices for our S. branded products vary, depending on model and design. Starting from 550EUR and going up depending on design complexity and dimensions, feel free to ‘Request a Price’ for your preferred design, and we will get back to you with all the details.

Usually they are in the mid-price range, between 300/500EUR.

Feel free to ‘Request a Price’ for your preferred design, and we will get back to you with all the details.

Starting price for OneOfAKind casual shoe’ design (for everyday use) is 500EUR. The price goes up in accordance with the design size and complexity.

The prices for OneOfAKindS. differ from idea to idea, while being sensitive to design dimensions and design elements that need to be included.

Starting price for OneOfAKind sport shoe’ design (for professional sport use) is 1000EUR. The price goes up in accordance with the design size and complexity.

The prices for OneOfAKindS. differ from idea to idea, while being sensitive to design dimensions and design elements that need to be included.

Every design only price includes:

– Handmade sketch of your design idea, sent for client’s approval;
– Up-to-X days work by one of our designers (depending on design complexity), while using our patented durable ‘ColorS.®’, paints throughout the process;
– Premium ID packaging;
– Professional agency photos of your shoes.
– DHL Express shipping to an address you will provide us with.

In case you want to send your shoes in for customization, we can offer you DHL VIP 24H pick up option from your address. The cost of this service is 30EUR on top of design price.

*Price includes shoebox/package in standard shoebox dimensions. Every package that will excess the volume ammount will be additionally charged on carrier’s behalf.

The usual turnaround from sketch approval to final product is 10-14 days.
You will receive a time of production estimates in our custom response on your enquiry.
Urgent booking  (48hrs turn-around) available after enquiry.

Yes, we do! Click the ‘Order Your One-of-a-Kind Design’ and give us as much as information possible about the design you would like. Everything is possible! Fan shoes, athletic shoes…even wedding shoes! We customize everything. Just give us the info, and we will hook you up with the details!

Yes, they are! We collaborate with official dealers of Nike, Adidas, Converse, Reebok, Hummell etc. In case you want us to grab a pair on your behalf, be sure we will get you the real stuff.

Authenticity tags are left on them, just like when you bought kicks from a store.

For our S. footwear, just click the ‘Pick your size’ button. Then, measure your feet and pick the most suitable size for you.

When it comes to the other brands, be sure to check a pair in a store near you and choose your size. The footwear we customize is 100% authentic, so just provide us with the right size.

We do not accept returns and any type of size reclamations. Have in mind that our products are pieces of art, so all orders are final. *

Yes, they are! Our durable patented ‘ColorS.®’ are both durable and flexible. After painting and drying, we apply special protection to seal the entire shoe, plus hydro protection for maximizing the athletic footwear’s potential. However, keep in mind that they are hand-painted products. Avoid wearing your custom footwear on polar temperatures.


* Although shoes are fully wearable, they should be considered custom art and worn at your own risk. *

Yes, you can! However, keep in mind that we only customize NEW/UNUSED sneakers. We do not repair old sneakers. Please, provide us a photo of the footwear before you send them to us.* **

DHL pick up available for additional cost of 30EUR.**

*Price includes shoebox/package in standard shoebox dimensions. Every package that will excess the volume ammount will be additionally charged on carrier’s behalf.

Signature Custom Footwear is painted with combining patented ‘ColorS.’ paints formula that stands up to water, dirt, etc. Do not scrub the shoes with any kind of brush or scrubber, or polish the shoes. We recommend using a soft cloth lightly dampened in water or a mild window cleaner to remove dust. Avoid harsh cleaners, especially ones that contain xylene or acetone, or are based on alcohol. They can damage the coating, paint, and even the material of the shoe.

Basically, 20% of the shiny look of the color is because of the coating. It is a normal process for the coating to wear off the shoes after a certain period of time. However, the pigment of the color will remain on your sneakers. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions regarding the cleaning process not mentioned in the questions bellow.

Sure, we can! However, there are certain criteria that need to be fulfilled:

– If it is our mistake, do not worry. We will correct it free of charge!
– If you have old S. Customs and want us to repair – we can do that. However, send us a picture prior before shipping the shoes for precise arrangements.
– If the shoe color is damaged because of bad care (putting them in laundry machine, for example), send us a picture prior shipping the shoes in order to access wether the shoe paint can be repaired or not. The repair process and shipping in this case, are client’s cost.

Contact us and we will do everything in our power to solve the issue.

No, it will not! In the past few years we have invested in creating our own ‘ColorS.®’ paint formula. Working in the 4th r&d cycle, the ‘ColorS.®’ paints are tested up to 30 professional soccer games.

Even they have been tested as durable, consider our designs as pieces of art. Athletic shoes are exposed to various environment challenges we cannot forsee, so feel free to contact us and explain in detail the usage your custom design need to endure.

Feel free to contact us for any cleaning tips not mentioned in the questions bellow.

We avoid painting soles, because we cannot guarantee for the durability of their customization. If you have a certain wish we could make it happen, but you need to be aware that the paints will start to wear off the bottom of the soles sooner or later.

We customize soccer, basketball, handball and tennis sneakers. Also, we do customize all types of running and fitness shoes.
For any additional information, feel free to contact us.

Yes, we can! Pick your favorite design and contact us or click on ‘Order Your One-of-a-kind Design’ enquiry. Do not worry, the price will be the same as ordering the design on the model shown on the picture.

Yes, we do. However, the flyknit material is pretty ‘unfriendly’ when it comes to customizing detailed stuff, so there are certain things that cannot be done. However, contact us via ‘Order Your One-Of-A-Kind Design’ for flyknit sneakers’ enquiries!

Yes, we do. We do both Serial designs (the ones we reproduce) and OneOfAKind’s on both cleats/soccer boots/soccer sneakers.

Yes, they are. Our 4th generation of our durable patented ‘ColorS.’ formula gives 96% durability when compared to factory painted footwear. Having in mind the fact that our paints are created for athletic shoe customization, our custom footwear can endure the pressure you make on them and maintain their level of quality in different weather conditions.

However, keep in mind that you are/will be wearing a piece of art, so treat them with care. Also, avoid wearing them in polar/harsh conditions.

Sure, you can! However, keep in mind that the cleats MUST be in NEW/LIKE NEW condition.
We do not accept worn cleats for customization.

You can send your cleats/boots via post, or use our 30EUR+ offer for DHL Express delivery to our address.

Unfortunately, no. We have extremely strict against-reproduction clause in our company policy for every OneOfAKind design that left any of the S.tudios. The policy applies to both celebrity and regular client’ orders.

Sure, you can! However, have in mind that the cleats have to be new/unused.

In case these FAQ did not give you the answers you were seeking for, feel free to contact us through our Contact Us form

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After you send us enquiry about the product you are interested in, and we agree on the details, you will be given different secure payment methods from which you can choose from, depending on the continent you live at.

Feel free to contact us about any additional information you may need on this matter.

Return Policy

Every order we proceed after your payment is final. Also, every product we make is unique and a piece of art, so any returns will not be accepted. Refunds can be provided up to 40% of the price of the product.

Internet Ordering

S. Handmade Customized Footwear can be ordered exclusively through this page. Also, enquiries through our Facebook and Instagram pages are available. However, every order is considered final after having a written communication through our contact of request a price forms.

Any other type of re-selling our products is considered illegal and will be subject of legislative action.

For orders exciding 5 pairs, feel free to contact us via our contact form.
For business enquiries, feel free to contact us via our contact form.
For career opportunities, feel free to contact us via our contact form.