Wanna become part of The S. Team?

We would love to see what you can do!

The procedure is as follows:

  • DOWNLOAD the vector. We change the vector designs on weekly basis.

  • PRINT IT. There must be a printer somewhere nearby.
  • DRAW A FREESTYLE DESIGN BY HAND. No digital designs will be taken into consideration. Technique and style - it's up to you. Give us the best impression of your talent, in any form you feel comfortable with.
  • WRITE YOUR DESIGN STORY IN NO MORE THAN FEW SENTENCES. Every design need to have a solid “why” it looks like it looks. Again, be creative and put it in a text doc.
  • ATTACH YOUR PORTFOLIO TOGETHER WITH THE OTHER TWO FILES, if you have one. Remember, you do not need portfolio to be amazing - you just need to believe in your hands and ideas.
  • PROVIDE US INFO ABOUT YOU - few basic things, nothing complicated. Just to get to know your name and country of origin.

The perks of working at the S.tudios? 

  • Getting a possibility to learn from and work with some of the best customizers on the planet.
  • No formal working hours.
  • No need for physical attendance.
  • Earn as much as you work.
  • Work for A-class celebrities and athletes.
  • EU based but also international applicants are more than welcome to apply.

We will evaluate the applications as a team, once a week. We will  reply only to the ones we consider as strong candidates and/or we simply love what they do. Since you are here, we encourage you to contact us for any more information you may need. We are at your disposal. However, you are here. And that's enough for us to believe in your greatnesS. Attach Files: