”Have any ideas? His heartbeat! I want Dushan’s heartbeat!” 

He knew what he wanted – his baby-on-the-way – Dushan’s heartbeat. And that is what the design is all about – pure love and affection and an unstoppable will to win!

This is as custom as our work can get. Custom-made colours especially for HC Barcelona Lassa’s and Macedonia NT goalkeeper Borko Ristovski’s HB Spezials. A mathematically-generated heartbeat, entering into ‘Dushan’ and ’16’ letterings, done in ‘BR’ font, designed by The S. Team. The heels incorporate two graphically presented ‘angry lions’ as a pure symbol of his will for winning. His signature on the different-coloured sneakers fulfil the storytelling.

Finally, the golden linings are done with ‘The Gold’ color – a mixture of 24k gold leaves, developed by S. The two sneakers combine 5gr of pure fold put on them, symbolising royalty and victory.

It’s time to roar, brother!

Made for Borko’s appearance at the Mens’ European Handball Championship 2018 in Croatia.

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