‘One Life, One Love!’

He is the best right back in the world right now. A perennial star that would shine even stronger.

The main inspiration for Dainis’ F4 design were the colours and the slogan of Vardar HC.
What we first did to those Nike Kobe’s – we visually cut the on half using (you already guess it) our famous mis-matching concept.

Additionally, we inlined the slogan and translated it into Macedonian, Latvian and, English, over the whole shoes by using colour in colour technique. To enrich the story and add additional winning mentality there are a number of stars ‘running’ through them. The DK10 initials are there, done in domestic county’ colours.

Finally – the swooshes. We wanted to give them some gold to attract the trophy – so we used our real liquid 18k gold colour to redo them, into a real victorious pair of shoes.

Created for Dainis’ EHF Champions League F4 2019 appearance.

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