A hero, and a legend.  

Certain people are meant to lead. To inspire. To become hero’s of a nation, and than – a heroes to the whole world. That’s how our friend Henrikh is treated both in the world of football and his home of Armenia.

For starters, we completely blacked out a pair of adidas Originals NMD R1’s. Than, we went for colouring the recognisable Originals rubber heel into the Armenian national colours. With nice shades, they represent the Armenian flag when put one to another. Enriched with the Armenian symbol of eternity, the bases include with two special words:

– ‘HERO’, what Micki is to the younger football players and both Arsenal and Armenia fans and;
– ‘LEGEND’, what Micki is to the Armenian football and the country in general.

Happy B, M! Wishing you good health and keep blessing us with your Micki Magic!

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The Y Generation are a number of people that, in our own belief, bring changes to the society. Their influence is imminent, and they are exceptional in what they do. So, we decided to take some inspiration from their work. The Y designs are the best visual representation of who they are, as professionals and young people in the modern world.

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