It is difficult to write an intro for LeBron James… 

The 🐐 and more than an athlete.
A generational inspiration.
Walking example of work ethics and mind-blowing winner mindset.

Hearing his and @chrisjohnsonhoops stories of his ‘04:30AM weights/ 05:30 on court’ routine PRIOR fully scheduled ‘Space Jam’ filming days were no surprise – but a damn good inspiration to create the most complex design we have ever done.

Over a pair of custom modified pair of Nike AF1L’s, we went for a full ‘Space Jam 2 : New Legacy’ character fiesta, following our famous mismatch concept – with Looney Tunes squad on one and, Goon Squad on the other shoe.
The right includes 7 of LBJ’s Tune Squad teammates, ready for battle!
The left depicts the Goon Squad accompanied by their trademark color brush strokes and the movie logo, everything painted by free hand.

Last but definitely not least, we added his training routine while filming the movie and – King James logo in mismatch color variant.

For more in-details shots, click here.

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The Y Generation are a number of people that, in our own belief, bring changes to the society. Their influence is imminent, and they are exceptional in what they do. So, we decided to take some inspiration from their work. The Y designs are the best visual representation of who they are, as professionals and young people in the modern world.

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