The OcuS. 

Our summer festival story is in full swing and we already have the drop of the season. He is young, hot, super talented and hell yeah Felix – we are with you!

We used a pair of specially manufactured Nike Dunk Lows to create a funky, tropical, and colorful flower texture that would perfectly complement the bottle of Lost Frequencies delicious @ocus.gin , which was our main inspo for the design.
The lateral portions of both shoes include the ‘OCUS’ and ‘Lost Frequencies’ insignias done by free-hand.
Last but not least, the design follows the visual identity of Dunk low texturing, giving the design a classy, yet creative look.

***OneOfAKindS. designs are NOT available for reproduction.***

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The Y Generation are a number of people that, in our own belief, bring changes to the society. Their influence is imminent, and they are exceptional in what they do. So, we decided to take some inspiration from their work. The Y designs are the best visual representation of who they are, as professionals and young people in the modern world.

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