For the Crew’s running the world!  

Created for one of the most powerful people in the entertainment industry, but with much deeper purpose and meaning. Michael, thank you for being a true inspiration!

Based on a pair of Nike AF1 Low’s, ‘The Crew NationS.’ are inspired by Live Nation’s amazing campaign that emphasises the irreplaceable role every event crew has in running the entertainment business. To give them the credit they deserve, we went for two, 3D audio cables floating over the kicks, over our world-famous mismatch concept (Red vs. White / Live Nation palette).

The multi-coloured strands symbolise the diversity of both the crew members and their respective roles in the preparation of every event. Both shoes include ‘Crew Nation’ logos on the outsides over white graffiti back.

This is for you #CrewNation !

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The Y Generation are a number of people that, in our own belief, bring changes to the society. Their influence is imminent, and they are exceptional in what they do. So, we decided to take some inspiration from their work. The Y designs are the best visual representation of who they are, as professionals and young people in the modern world.

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