Reflections: The Acrobat

These ‘ReflectionS’ are inspired by the performers. The magicians. The acrobats. From everyone who sees their life as one big stage. Or, lets put it this way – they are made for people who do nott need applause to create magic out of their life.  The Cirque’s have strong message – that all of us can take the stage and become the artists they always wanted to be.

Based on our premium hand-constructed sneakers, this Reflections include cut-out polka-dotted texture, taken out of the traditional cirque costumes, on the toes and edging parts. The whole black area can be additionally customized too – by choosing glossy or matte black finish.

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Inspired by the ones who know how to declare and categorise their personality, the spring18 ‘ReflectionS’ collection give you choice to complete the translation of your character through your sneakers. Based on our premium, hand-constructed leather S.neakers, you can choose one of the four serial designs, or even mix one with another. The ‘Reflections’ are limited to 20 pairs each, worldwide.

Specification of one S.neakers pair: Made from quality Italian sole, hand-stiched and topped with canvas or leather, they are perfect for both warmer or colder temperatures. As a S.ignature Customized Footwear branded product, we guarantee for their durability. However, consider our products as pieces of art and treat them with special care.

Visit our FAQ page for custom tips and tricks. Also, read the Terms of Use as a starting point before ordering your favourite S. product.

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