Our new Direction.

We created our first S.neaker design 3 years ago.
Last year, we felt its time for something new.
Got to the drawing board, and started creating radical changes to what we thought would like our next S.neakers to look like…

…and you know what? That only took us to the beginning and confirmed what we stand for in the footwear design world – wild simplicity mixed with notorious elegance.

The S.neakers II are our new base to draw our art on. Also, they need to be your new base to be inspired from.

Constructed by the most upper class of materials.
Followed by hand-cut elastic and free-hand stitching.
Marked by the premium inside organic materials.
Finished with silver leaf logoS. to mark them as part of our S.ignature Handmade Products.

Get them in Zero White, or any other colour(s) you want, by picking your preffered option bellow.

Upgrade your mind on II .
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In the last year, we spent a lot of time developing a new, upgraded S.neakers design that would complement both our passion for pure design direction and, our desire to influence on the world footwear positioning. The result was much simpler than we thought – all we end up doing was breaking the clean form of our S.neakers I design, into two, asymmetric shapes of modernity. Notorious and pleasant at the same time, the S.neakers II are our mental gymnastic in the ocean of ugly shoe design tendencies.

Specification of one S.neakers II pair: Placed over premium quality Italian sole, the double-layered Italian leather is hand-stitched to both the sole and the upper parts. The newly inserted wide hand-cut black elastic diagonally breaking both shoe’ forms. The recognisable same leathered endings are here too, to get a nice looking premium finish to the shoes. The final touch is the upper end natural material on the insides, with a silver leaf S. stamp to mark them as part of our  S.ignature Customized Footwear branded product.

Visit our FAQ page for custom tips and tricks. Also, read the Terms of Use as a starting point before ordering your favourite S. product.

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