*LACELESS* TransparentS on second floor too.  

There are a lot like us – terribly lazy to lace their kicks up.
So, even tho the 21’s are our first sneakers with laces, we needed to hold on to our ‘policy’ – and give you a laceless transparent double-decker sneakers!
Based on double-layered Italian sole, the 21’s are 11’s put on second floor. The premium hand-stiching is here, this time in taipe white colour. And yes, the are super confy and cool, just like the TransparentS.

Our second handmade transparent S.neaker is here.
But the question remains:

Who would dare to wear stupid socks now?! 


The transparent S.neakers  are not revolutionary, but a product inspired by our ideology. Based on the good-known Italian soil, a very special flex-rubbered transparent material is hand-stiched on the top. The shoe can ‘breathe’, thanks to the special ‘breathe-boxes’ on the side of every sneaker. As a product branded with an S., we guarantee for their durability. However, they should be taken care of and kept away from any flamable objects and substances.

Visit our FAQ page for custom tips and tricks. Also, read the Terms of Use as a starting point before ordering your favourite S. product.

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