With a controlled amount of screaming, bravery and courage, we present to you – the SixOfHell!

Usually, every story have a flip-side. So, our antidote for the soft-touch, avant garde design expressions is packed in them. S. Series6 – modern, rough and straigh-forward tech design of our custom S. Boots. Their main characteristic are the brutally accurate shapes, hand-crafted by our S. design maestro’s. The apstract forms have a specific value… – and its up to you to find out their true meaning.

…and it’s up to you to find out their true meaning! 



The S.boots are our winter soldiers. The Italian soil and the premium suede leather are the main characteristics of our handmade winter basics. Their slim line and tight lacing are ideal for every clothing style. So, you gotta have one, for sure!

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Different colours available via our 'One-Of-A-Kind' enquiry form.


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