What is your favourite flower?

When we were looking for an inspiration for a ‘softer’ AllStar designs, it appeared to us that the best design possible shall be as shiny as the sun and, as perfect as a flower. Minutes later, the new Design-in-Chief brought some nice pink Lilies to the S.tudio…

Our S. x Converse ‘Lilies’ are a thing of beauty. A powerful multi-colored pink lace is applied over the shiny pink oriental base colour. As you probably guess, every sneaker has a differently shaped lace, the trademark of a handmade customization process. The final touch are the precious stones inserted into the design, to give the ‘sun’ element to one of our favourite pieces of design thus far.

Every life gets better with some flower in it!
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S. x Converse are a number of Custom designs done on the always popular  All star’s. We could not resist from working some traditional customizing on the most popular sneakers in the world, so we will offer you a number of designs, which by your choice, can be based on different Converse All Star white models.

All Converse footwear we use is 100% authentic. You will receive the final product with the authentic tags attached to the product. For the most suitable size, please visit an official Converse dealer near you.

For every question you have, please read the FAQ, or contact us via our contact form. Also, read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before you order your favourite S. products.

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