Do you believe in hypnosis? 

Back in 1802, Franz Anton Mesmer developed a theory of ‘animal magnetism and a mysterious body fluid which allows one person to hypnotize other’.

So, how does a hypnosis look like?

Based on the world-famous ‘1460’ Mono Martens boots, we imagined a hypnotised androgen human, hand-painted in classical techniques. Following the design pop ambient, the base is a deconstruct of paint-brushed, free-flow painters approach, giving the MesmeristS. a completely unique feel. Finally, the whole design is developed as bipolar – one side presenting the hypnosed, and the other side presenting the sober – you.

Completely done by hand.

10 pairs available worldwide.

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S. x Martens are a number of Custom designs done on the utterly popular Martens. We could not resist from working some traditional customizing on the most popular boots in the world, so prepare yourself for some craziness with steel toes!

All Martens footwear we use is 100% authentic. You will receive the final product with the authentic tags attached to the product. For the most suitable size, please visit an official Martens dealer near you.

For every question you have, please read the FAQ, or contact us via our contact form. Also, read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before you order your favourite S. products.

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