Pick your side! 

The most anticipated movie and the symbol of a number of generations – the Star Wars, now with an exclusive spin based on the Nike Cortez, done by The S. Team.
Symbolising the eternal battle between the good and bad, you can choose between:

The Light Side – a desert environment with Rey as the symbol of good, and a cute BB8 on the heel and;
The Dark Side – an immortal galaxy system with the new generation villain Kylo Ren, accompanied by a small Death Star on the back as a connection to some past times.

IMPORTANT: You can either choose one ‘Light’ and one ‘Dark’ design, or choose both the same. So, the decision is yours!

10 pairs available worldwide. Request a Price for a pair of  bellow.  


S. x Nike AF are a number of Custom designs done on the trans-generational Air Force model. We could not resist from working some traditional customizing on the most popular sneakers in the world, so we will offer you a number of designs, which by your choice, can be based on both Air Force High’s or Low’s.

All Nike footwear we use is 100% authentic. You will receive the final product with the authentic tags attached to the product. For the most suitable size, please visit an official Nike dealer near you.

For every question you have, please read the FAQ, or contact us via our contact form. Also, read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before you order your favourite S. products.

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Choose 'Light Side' ; 'Dark Side' or ; 'Mixed Sides' design!


Available after enquiry.


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