“Your wish is my command!” 

You already know who has the best ideas in the soccer world – TB11. This time, we got Will Smith on board too!

Based on a pair of Mercurials, we took inspiration from the latest ‘Aladdin’ movie, recreating one of its purple sky scenes for starters. Having in mind we chose Genie as the theme for Barseghyan’s latest design, we went for the obvious – one, fully detailed, hand-painted Genie lamb on one, smoking out on the insides and, one comic style Will Smith’ Genie portrait on the other. The details – two, oriental-inspired swooshes on the insides, Aladdin logo and, TB11 ID’s over the purple smokey background.

You have any wish? Just say it. Genie can make it happen.

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The S.ignature S.ports design programme include a number of soccer, basketball, handball and tennis sneakers’ designs. As the first brand in Europe to do this kind of customizing, you can order any design you want on your preffered cleats’ model or athletic shoe’ brand.

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